Myth or Fact: A home inspection is a warranty that everything in the home you are about to purchase is in order. MYTH! It is really important that you understand that a home inspection is one person's opinion about the state of the home at a given point in time.  That's all it is.  The home inspections industry is unregulated so while most of the inspections are pretty good, you should do some homework.  For example, are they insured? What is thier background? You have to be fair to your inspector.  He/she cannot see behind walls and is not responsible for Latent Defects.  The Seller is the only one who can advise you about that.  The inspector is not allowed to do any invasive exploration.  He can't go around moving furniture or opening walls.  Most of the time the inspector is going on instinct and experience and will often suggest further investigation.  This would require express permission from the Seller.  Read the limitations on the inspection report.  The warranty is usually limited to the price of the inspection.  Make sure you feel comfortable with your inspector and be realistic; he is not superman.  But he can help reduce your risk when buying real estate.